Saturday, 6 October 2012

AHRC Peer Review College 'Follow the Members' Launch

Yesterday, I travelled to the HQ of the Research Councils in Swindon for the first time to attend the launch event of the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Peer Review College 'Follow the Members' initiative. I was appointed to the Peer Review College (PRC) in April 2012, and was one of the new tranche of appointees to sign up for the 'Follow the Members' project. As its name implies, this will track members over the four years of their PRC tenure, through annual meetings, blogging and newsletter columns, filming and developing the AHRC's new website, including a members area. I signed up to write a column for the PRC newsletter on transparency in the funding environment for publication in April 2013) and I was filmed, very briefly, talking about my involvement in the PRC. I found that I got increasingly nervous as I was filmed, when I would have expected to start nervously and become increasingly relaxed. But, it was fun and I met lots of interesting people both on the PRC team, and academic colleagues from around England, Scotland and Wales.

The AHRC Peer Review College webpages include a list of members and their areas of expertise and information about the peer review process:

The ARHC's 'Watch and Listen' pages contain short films and podcasts about funded research and the work of the Council: