Saturday, 30 June 2012

TVAD Journal Relaunched as Writing Visual Culture - New Issue Out Now!

TVAD's double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal, Working Papers on Design, has been relaunched for 2012 as Writing Visual Culture at a new open access home. This move better reflects both the content and quality of the articles we publish as they expand beyond design across the visual and material culture fields, and as they represent more than working papers, rather we publish expert peer-reviewed scholarship.

The first issue of the relaunched journal (vol. 5, 2012) is 'Ways of Knowing: Art and Science's Shared Imagination' is edited by Dr Pat Simpson (University of Hertfordshire). This volume presents selected papers from an interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Hertfordshire hosted by the Fine Art Practices Research Group, in the School of Creative Arts on October 1-2, 2010.

The three main questions addressed by the essays are: “What are the interplays between scientific visualisations and the arts?”, “Can art be a contribution to knowledge?” and, “If art and science are understood as equally necessary and complementary ways of knowing the world, how does this understanding enrich them?” This volume does not offer any simple answers, rather it raises a number of supplementary questions about how certain constructs of art and of science may be argued to link up with concepts of how knowledge might be defined.

This first edition of Writing Visual Culture is also a memorial to Dr Robert Priddey, a young and eminent astrophysicist particularly keen on bridging the ‘gap’ between the arts and the sciences, who was instrumental in setting up this conference. Tragically, he died suddenly before the conference took place.

Image: a single spark showing the sequential break-up of the main fragment (the strongest line), the branching of the smaller ejected parts and the compensatory movement of the fragment to balance momentum. Photo © James Leonard Collett]


Preface: Ways of Knowing: Art and Science's Shared Imagination - Perspectives from the Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts, Simeon Nelson 

Introduction: Ways of Knowing, Pat Simpson 

Occult Arithmetic: Music, Mathematics & Mysticism, Robert Priddey, Alice Williamson

Natural Calligraphy, James Leonard Collett

On what we may infer from scientific and artistic representations of time, Craig Bourne and Emily Caddick

Between Zero and One: On the Unknown Knowns, Simon Biggs

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