Wednesday, 20 February 2013

International symposium on typographic landscaping, University of Gothenburg, 17-18 June 2013

On 17-18 June, the University of Gothenburg will be hosting a symposium on 'Typographic Landscaping', funded by the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.  "The aim is to gather scholars from different fields and practitioners of (typo)graphic design for an open dialogue on cultural, political, economic and technological aspects of typography, in particular how it is used in the urban landscape in order to construct and contest identities, communities and power relations. The title of the symposium expresses the double ambition to approach the study of language to that of typography, and to develop the study of typographical aspects within linguistic/semiotic landscape research."

I will be presenting a paper at the symposium, entitled 'Typographic Parallax in Environmental Space: Real and unreal depth and transformation in temporal typography'

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