Friday, 17 May 2013

Typographic Landscaping symposium

Typographic Landscaping

June 17-18 2013

Department of Languages and Literatures and CERGU
This symposium brings together scholars from different fields (linguistics, graphic design, cultural studies) and practitioners of typographic design for an open dialogue on cultural, political, economic and technological aspects of typography. In particular, the invited papers deal with how typography is used in the urban landscape in order to construct and contest identities, communities and power relations.
Barbara Brownie: "Typographic Paralax in Environmental Space: Real and unreal depth and transformation in temporal typography"
Melissa Curtin: "The Social Semiotics of Polyscriptal Creativity in the Linguistic Landscape of Taipei"
Eva Engstrand: "Visual identity and typography, a design perspective"
Markus Hanzer: "The importance of haptic qualities in the reception of urban typography"
Welby Ings: "Visible slurs: Type and the cultural marginalisation of gay men"
Adam Jaworski: "Indexing the global"
Johan Järlehed: "Typographic variation in Galician and Basque identity displays in urban space"
Indra Kupferschmid: "Mapping the use of typefaces. Typographic trends in different medium and countries"
Theo van Leeuwen: "Kinetic Typography: A Social Semiotic Exploration"
Johana Londoño: "The Geopolitics of Latino Design: A case of typographic inspiration across barrio landscapes"
Barbara Mayor: "Writing one language in the accent of another: the role of simulation typefaces in the linguistic landscape"
Nay Hannawi (present together with Mayor)
Hinrich Sachs: "Subliminal Iconicity. An alphabet of selected typographical cases"
Francesco Screti: "The letter K as ideological device in the semiotic landscape"
Sydney Shep: "Urban Palimpsests and Contending Signs"
Jürgen Spitzmüller: "Graphic variation and graphic ideologies. A sociolinguistic approach"
Arina Stoenescu: "Typography and politics. A case study of Romanian and Moldavian communist newspapers during 1940-1990"

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