Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Subverting Fashion - 11 July 2014, St. Mary's University

TVAD researcher Barbara Brownie will be speaking at the Subverting Fashion conference on the subject of 'The  Masculinisation of Dressing Up' on 11 July 2014, at St. Mary's University, Twickenham, London. Other speakers will include...
Fashioning Fans
Bethan Jones (Aberystwyth University) - Affect, Performance and Sacred Identity in Fannish Tattooing
Helena Louise Dare-Edwards (University of East Anglia) - Styles’ got Style: Harry Styles, Fangirls and Gender
Carla Schriever (University of Oldenburg) - Men in high heels: Performing cross-maleness in fan culture
The Art of the Costume in Film & TV
Llewella Burton (University of East Anglia) - Bond Undressed: Fashioning a Lifestyle in the James Bond Films
Yvonne Augustin (University of Zurich) - Oversized, colourful, extraordinary – the costume of the clown in movies as a subversion of fashion
Dene October (London College of Communication) - Materialising Meaning(s): Fans, Fashion and the Twelfth Doctor
Music, Gender and Fashion
Jung-Whan Marc de Jong (State University of New York) - “These men look like Barbies”: (Re)conceptualizing “Korean masculinity”, “western masculinity”, and “Asianness” in global digital K-pop fandom
Richard Mills (St Mary’s University) - Transformer: David Bowie’s Glam Re-invention, 1969-1972
Jon Hackett (St Mary’s University) - Glam Rock: Gender, Fashion and Pop-Modernism
Style Cultures/Subcultures
Enrica Picarelli (Independent Scholar) & Livia Apa (University of Naples) - La Sape: from literature to the digital screen
Shaun Cole (London College of Fashion) - Looking Queer? Gay men’s negotiations between masculinity and femininity in style and dress in the 21st Century
Barbara Brownie (University of Hertfordshire) - The Masculinisation of Dressing Up

Tickets available online at:  http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/108890

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