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TVAD Talks coming up in 2015...

The TVAD Research Group hosts research seminar lunchtime presentations on the second Wednesday of each term time month. All are welcome and lunch is provided at 12.45 for a 1 pm start.

Our next TVAD Talk will be on January 14th 2015, when Prof Michael Biggs, Professor Emeritus in the School of Creative Arts will be speaking about doctoral assessment in creative arts, an area in which he has considerable expertise and experience. Prof Biggs was involved in setting up our Professional Doctorate in Design (DDes), aimed at academic staff in architecture and design broadly understood, in universities and institutes of higher education. Read more about the University of Hertfordshire's DDes here: 

On Wednesday February 11th 2015, TVAD will enjoy a double bill of TVAD Talks presented by two of the staff members from our Graphic Design and Illustration course team: 
Matthias Hillner, ‘From virtual typography to intellectual property rights (IPR), and from research through practice to research into practice’
This presentation will describe a journey from professional graphic design practice in the field of motion typography to design research and theory building. Building on Sir Christopher Frayling’s differentiation between ‘research into practice’, ‘research through practice’ and ‘research for practice’, the presentation will discuss possibilities to connect research with practice in the field of art and design. These different paradigms will be discussed in conjunction with my journey through MA studies, MPhil studies, and PhD studies. These three stages are strongly linked to my professional art and design studio practice in the field of time-based typography. Two projects will be highlighted as practice-based connection points between stages of research: Virtual Typography and the so-called ‘SafeView’ project. The former is a consultancy-based business in the field of motion graphics, the latter a proprietary initiative to innovate the ATM interface. The talk aims to provide inspiration on how the connection between research and practice can be utilized for the purpose of fund raising and for entrepreneurial endeavours. Including two disparate subject areas such as motion typography on the one hand and IPR on the other, may seem confusing. The talk will, however, show how such unrelated topics may connect with each other through research.
The journey from professional reflective design practice to theory building in the area of IPR, will comprise my successful funding bid with NESTA in 2005, my ‘not so successful funding bid’ with Design London in 2009, and my successes obtaining funding within and outside the University of Hertfordshire in 2010. Last, but not least, the talk will provide a succinct outline of my current research into how designer-entrepreneurs utilize IPR in order to obtain financial support for their design initiatives. This will include references to interviewing techniques and qualitative research analysis.

Second on the double bill for February 2015, is Kevin Dowd, ‘Exploring practice-based methods in graphic design research’
The discipline of graphic design is growing to accommodate novel ways of gathering data and generating findings, expanding beyond the established foundation of borrowed rhetoric that has informed current research methodologies. However, there are few examples of methodologies tailored specifically to the skills of the graphic designer as researcher, and fewer still with practice at their core. This talk explores examples of practice-based research in graphic design, highlighting a need to develop methods for design research practitioners. This is examined further through my own study, which proposes a novel system of practice-based methods in graphic design research.

Further TVAD Talks planned for 2015 are our March TVAD Talk (Wednesday March 11th) when Dr Ivan Phillips will speak about his forthcoming book Once Upon A Time Lord: The Myths and Stories of Doctor Who and, in May our last TVAD Talk of the 2014/15 academic year will be given by Jodi Nelson, speaking about her PhD in Critical and Creative Practice in Film & Media at the University of Sussex (Wednesday February 11th 2015).

For more information, contact TVAD Research Group Chair, Dr Grace Lees-Maffei,  

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